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When we pulled up to the front of the mansion, Mike’s SUV was parked next to mine.“Looks like Mike and the twins are home.” Gloria commented. �...They’re probably in the guest house, playing games or fucking. Jen, wait ‘til you see Mike, he’s a Robert Redford look alike, and, he can fuck you silly. The boy just seems to stay hard forever!”Boy, talk about giving me a complex, first there’s Jim with the eleven inch cock and the ability to cum more than once, then there’s Mike who can fuck for hours. I took a breath to steady myself, but it didn’t help. Her smell lingered in my car intoxicatingly. I couldn’t stop thinking about sex. I wanted to rip that dress off so I could see what was underneath. I wanted to taste her everywhere, to feel our pleasure build together. I tried to clear my head. These thoughts weren’t right, I wouldn’t betray Beth… I couldn’t.At first we kept up meaningless conversation, but it soon died off. We sat it a comfortable silence, but it meant my mind was free to. It pools then trickles down into my loins. My pussy throbs and warm moisture dampens my panties but we stroll on past the thicket and move deeper into the wood.We hold hands, your thumb tracing circles at the base of mine. I love your touch. I need it. I need all of you. As we pass a sturdy oak, I fight the urge to push you behind it, drop to my knees and tear at your trousers. I long to unzip you, hold your cock in both hands then sink my lips over your smooth purple tip. I want to suck you. "Did I win?" a breathless pet said as she slid around the corner. "Well you were the first one down here... whether you 'win' or not remains to be seen!" I said. "Now up against the counter and wait for your cohort!” Pet stood with her ass against the counter next to the sink and waited for kitty. She came around the corner also out of breath. "Damn" she muttered as she saw pet standing at the counter. "Stand next to pet, kitty and let's have a look at you two," I told her. Kitty moved to pet's.

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