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“Hmm beta that’s enough,” she shrieked loudly. “OK, mom tell me if you need any help later,” saying that I walked out of the room to calm my...elf about what just happened.Later that night while sleeping me and mom were talking to each other. It seemed she had been really lonely after father and yearned for a man’s love. That was understandable as every person has some needs. I could not get the image of her thighs out of my head that night.The next morning I woke up to see mom already finished. I was now fucking my hot grandmother hard and fast, and she was loving it, and with my hot naked aunt watching while rubbing her pussy, and hearing my mother behind me getting pounded hard by Tyler's big hard cock, I began to feel excited again, and eagerly I continued on desperate to fuck my grandmother as long as I could.But after another minute or so I could feel my excitement building quickly, and with my hard cock sliding back forth in my grandmothers wet bald pussy, and the noise of sex. This completely surprised me as when I had suggested swinging in the past she had always refused. She looked and me and told me not to be annoyed, especially after we had watched the other video. The video started and it again showed the bedroom door. A cock appeared through the hole, but this time it wasn’t mine. She paused the video and told me that the carpenter who had worked on the door had jokingly said that it looked like I was having a gloryhole made. She had asked him what he knew. Michael grabbed a big handful of her ass cheeks in each hand and pulled them apart wide. He looked down and saw her tight asshole stretched nearly into a horizontal slit and below that her wet, open, dripping pink pussy.He moved his hips to get the tip of his cock pointed at that pink hole and eased it forward, just enough for her to feel it knocking at her portal."Please, Michael, don't tease me, baby! Shove that sweet cock into me deep! I want it all, I want all of that hot, thick cock!".

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