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She closed her eyes and let the feeling take her, as it continued to intensify. As Monique gained confidence and grew a little bolder the feeling swe...led to a peak and she was breathing heavy flushed with heat and her pussy began to climax sending tremors through her body. She grabbed Moniques head and forced it against her pussy which now was gushing her sex onto Moniques face. "Oh God yes Monique" she screamed, "Oh fuck fuck fuck!" She was pushing her pussy hard into Moniques face. Simon, Sarah and Dad were treated to the sight of Rhea and myself trying to out-wrestle each other in a few feet of water. "I wish I'd had you in the mud pit," Rhea screamed as she came up for air. Dad shouted at us to be careful, and to calm down, but I saw Rhea's eyes glowing with excitement and determination; she was not going to calm down.She was strong for her size, but her real strength wasn't brute force but agility and cunning. As I tried to grip her, she brought her legs around and. It was physically exhausting but satisfying."Ben, how about a cum cocktail?"He wasn't sure what she meant until she had her cunt over his head letting his cum drip down onto his lips. It was a flavor he had never tasted before. He was sure it was an acquired taste.He left her sleeping at two in the morning.He didn't see her for months after that. She had affairs with other men when Harold was out of town, but to her dismay, she still wasn't pregnant.It was Valentine's Day again and she. Me jaha rehata hoo wahi paas me ek aubty rehti hai. Uski height 5 ft hogi. Wo dikhne me bahot fair hai. Jab bhi wo mere samane se gujarati use dekh ke chodne ko dil karta . Wo har subah uske beti ko jo 4 saal ki hogi use school bus me bithane ke liye mere room ke saamne aa jati thi. Me use dekhta rehta but wo notice nahi kar rahi thi. Par ek din meri kismat khuli. Ek din wo uske beti ko liye khadi thi aur me bahar porch me aa gaya usne meri taraf dekha. Mene bhi uski aur dekha aur halki si.

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