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Phir uske gardan par…phir uske mammon par…phir uske belly par..phir uske nabhi par…maine uske nabhi mein apna jibh dal kar gol gol ghumane laga ...o wo bilkul pagal si ho gayi aur aah..oh…iss..ummm….. aur aah..oh…iss..ummm….. aur aah..oh…iss..ummm….. aur aah..oh…iss..ummm….. aur aah..oh…iss..ummm….. aur aah..oh…iss..ummm…..karne lagi aur mere sar ko niche apne chut ki or dhakelne lagi..main ishara to samajh gaya phir bhi main uske nabhi mein jibh ghumata raha to wo boli…ab raha nahin jata..ab. He loved the obvious signs of fucking and hot sex when he'd finished a romp in the bed with a sexy woman. Susie had become just that -- a very sexy and very desirable young woman."You lay down now, Tom," Susie said insistently as she motioned for him to lie down where she'd just been. Knowing something of what Susie probably had in mind, Tom gladly laid down, his cock semi-flaccid from the orgasm he'd just had during the fuck. Susie jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom to pee and then. All I could think of was what a stupid bitch my mother was for giving up this man. Dad just laid there and let me take control for quite awhile. Once I came on his cock, he rolled me over and pounded me hard until he flooded me with another load. We have been screwing each other ever since and I haven't had a date since that night. So, it was my fault that we started this relationship like it is now. He would never have initiated it on his own. But once we started, we had some very serious. “I don’t know. Different ways.”“Hustling?”“Yeah, sometimes.”“Selling your body?”“Sometimes.”“Huh!”Nothing was said again.Then, “Well, listen. You’re not hustling me, you hear? What I do is ‘cause I want to. Don’t get no idea that you’re hustling me, ‘cause you ain’t. Got it?”Curtis didn’t answer but nodded his head.Another many-miles-long period of silence.“You got no idea what it’s like driving this thing,” Titus said quietly as if talking to himself.“Your balls and cock bouncing around for.

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