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Turning my entire body around, I then stand peeking between the wooden slats of the trailer. His one odd word rattles about in the mind until at last,...the cogs catch, and in a foggy brain it is grasped, gaining meaning, he called me a Jackass, oh blessed wonder, I then know my name to be Jackass!At first I had the thought this is not a nice name and in response comes a round of braying my kinked beastly thoughts. Satisfied with my own disdained remarks, I turn from that distraction to sniff a. YOUR ... NAME!” I demanded again speaking very distinctly. Henri’s entire body shook with the effort he exerted to keep from answering the question.“Henri ... Pierre ... Destouches,” he finally answered in a panting breath after several more minutes.“Where were you born?” was my next question, and it too required several minutes and more sweat to receive an answer.“Paris, France,” he finally answered. The interrogation continued for several more simple questions so the truth spell could. ‘You can drive,’ Sue agreed, ‘but Shea and I are going to sit in the back!’ Rick just laughed, unlocking the doors. We all climbed in, and Rick headed for Sue’s apartment. Sue flirted with me on the drive home, one hand on my knee and thigh, and the fingertips of her other hand doodling little swirls along my upper arm. Sue was wearing a V-neck top with a very deep V. Every time she leaned forward the least bit, I could see the top edge of her lacy black bra. It was an enticing view. We arrived. It was as if she had just stuck a difficult dismount from the balance beam. Unable to hold back I rose and quickly headed for the bathroom where I vomited my recently consumed breakfast. Murderous thoughts took control of my mind as I downed two glasses of water, brushed my teeth, drank another glass of water and returned to Alicia, quietly crying where I had left her in the den. I stood before her looking down until she looked up at me. I was still seething with anger. I wanted to hit her for.

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