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. Plz bhul jao yr”She-“pyaar kiya h.. Chhodungi ni tmko”Me-” acha kya chahiye tmko”She-” abhi ni.. .Rat ko khaane k baad m”Raat ko khana...ho gya..She-” room m ao”I entered in her roomA blowing smell of jasmine attracted me.. .She asked me for a dance.. .Usne bhot hi small volume m romantic song lgaya.. .Hmne dance kiya..She-” ksa lg rha h”Me-” acha lg rha h mujhe”She-” apko kuch khna h! ”Me-” kya sunna chahogi”She-” kh do yr ab.. .Bhot wait kraya tmne mujhe.. .Ab to kh do that u love me... ’ CRACK! ‘Ooouf! One, oooh, ooh!’ SMACK! ‘Aaah, aaah! Two. Ooh , my bum!’ The buttocks jerk left to right as if pre-empting the next stroke and already trying to dodge it. ‘Oh, do keep still you silly thing.’ The shoe sizzles through the air to deliver another stinging blow. WALLOP! Feet turn inward as two bare knees almost cave in. ‘Oow! Thr-three Miss. Oh, it stings, Miss.’ ‘Of course it hurts a little bit, I’d be wasting my time with you if it didn’t.’ On the edge of the table a phone trills. A rasam tana boob’s pai, nabi pai vesa. Time 6.15 ayindi. Oka 10 mins relax ayyam. Tanu lechi tea petti echindi tagesi nenu oka lovely smooch echi start ayya secunderabad station ki. Vellaka train lo kuda chat chesukunnam. Ala ame ni 2 , three times velli kalisa. Okasari hotel book chesukunnam. Enko sari entlo ne climitation bagundani entlo chesukunnam. Ala jarigindi my dear friends and aunties. Eppudu cheppandi elagundi.Friends and aunties., andaru antaru entha size rod kavali. Nadi entha. And from that day the fantasy and reality, could not do without ..We were as usual in the evening, in the industrial area, sitting in the backseat of the car his dad, a great sw easy, and I was doing one of his insurmountable blow jobs, I noticed that someone was watching us, did not say anything not to it scared the stool to kneel on the seat with one hand and lifted her skirt and slipped two fingers in pussy masturbating her long, confident that what we would have liked watching the show,.

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