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My eyes connect to yours. Lips twisting and then our stomachs touch again as I begin to have a contagious need for your full lips. From your mouth I down to your neck. Gentle nibbles turn to a light suckle. My nails scratch over your shoulders and travel past your collarbone to your side for better grip.(Him)I lay in agonizing pleasure as you ride me, biting my lip to try and keep from drowning nature herself out with my cries of passion. A devious smile plays across your lips, and mid. Then I felt a hand on my back, and looked behind me to see Amy also! Goody!"What's up, girls? You two aren't going to get me in trouble again, are you?" I smiled at them, my two special girls."That depends on you," Cindi giggled. "I'd love to do something to get you in trouble again, and Amy would too, but I wasn't going to push it tonight," Cindi giggled, and Amy beamed a brilliant smile at me. I appreciated Cindi's understanding. I looked at Amy."What about you? Are you going to push it?" I. They knew what to do.The Thermopylae shook as the massive railgun turrets mounted along her belly fired in unison, the rows of magnetic rings that made up their long barrels accelerating twenty millimeter tungsten slugs at over ten thousand feet per second towards the SAM sites. It took a few seconds for them to reach their destinations, Stavros pulling up a display on the bridge window which doubled as a monitor, watching the splashes on the long-range telescopes as the relatively tiny. My sheer lace thong panties matched my bra.Now came the hard part as any girl can tell you, oh what am I going to wear? Feeling a little slutty I decided on my short tight black mini skirt, the kind a streetwalker would wear. For a top I decided on a tight low cut red blouse that would show my cleavage to best advantage. Oh decisions, decisions, now I had to select a pair of shoes, should I wear my 3 inch black heel or my 5 inch red pumps. Well if your going to dress the part of a whore best go.

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