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I felt him get harder as he caught a glimpse of my tiny lacy thong panties. Kissing his way down my body, he pulled the panties off of me, leaving me ...aked and glittering in the middle of the hotel room. “My god Emma, how much glitter did you use?” Ben said, laughing. “It’s everywhere. It’s like you have a spotlight on you.” I giggled. “What? I like my glitter lotion.” I pulled his boxers off and started stroking his 8” cock slowly. He pulled me into the bathroom and started the shower. Once. “Come on, Pirra! Suck him!”The old man was already masturbating himself in front of them and enjoying the whole situation. His mouth salivated while Pirra got busy with the blowjob. Perhaps he was thinking in a way to join them for the lovemaking to start, but, so far, he wouldn’t ruin the show that early.“Your wife… ohh… ahh…. is… ahh… amazing!”“See, I told ya!”Salvatore watched the scene for a while, but himself couldn’t be ‘relegated’ to jerking off with a better scene enfolding right on his. I did relax my hold on her so that she could breathe better. Then I began fucking her tight ass in a gentle push and pull of my cock in her ass. Gradually her sobbing stopped and changed to mourns of pleasure. I asked her if it was still paining.She replied “ This is a totally new experience for me Saheb. Please do not stop push harder and faster. I want to feel the pain . I want you inside my body as deep as you can go. “ She was delirious with pleasure.She was enjoying the fuck by now and. We were having as much fun dancing it, as they were watching it. It was ending, and everybody knew it, so Claire and I got ready for the Rhumba spin that finished this off, ending perfectly in time with the Vitamin String Quartet.All the ladies were up, whistling their approval.Kalista stepped off the sofa and said, “Charles, you had six styles actually; you had a cha-cha step coming out of the spins, every time, so it should really be called a ‘Six-Pack’ routine.”I picked her up and gave her.

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