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Mere mashroom pe jibh ghumake tease bhi kar rahi thi. Aaahhhaa. Thodi der baad mein utha aur position mein aa gaya. Aur mera lund unki chut pe ghasane...laga. Ab unhe pata chal gaya ki woh chudne wali hai. Toh unhone apne hath mere pet pe rakh diye. Kahi mein jor ka dhakka na duu. Meine thodi der waise hi ghasa unke chut koh unko aur pagal banaya. Aur dhire se andar daalaa.Woh auhhmmmmmmmm. Krne lagi. Meine aur andar push kiya. Unki choot shadi k baad bhi tight thi. Woh bas apni gardan left se. "Better'n Jimmie's little stick?" Can't touch me there! Oh, my Gaaawwwwdddd! So enormous!"Jim couldn't believe what he was hearing, or seeing. Her juices were flowing down the black shaft, soaking Marcus' legs and the car seat. Jessica was flying up and down the stiff pole. Marcus' black hands were splayed across her contracting white ass cheeks, with a middle finger working into her anal opening. Jessica was panting, screaming, crying and then climaxing. "I'm cuuuummmmmmminnnng! Oh my Gawd!". ‘I, I would like to thank,’ looking around the room I could see what appeared to be thousands of eyes looking straight at me, ‘the club for this trophy, I didn’t expect this. I would also like to thank Mr Thomas for the coaching, my parents for their support and, and, just about everyone in the club. Thank you.’ I got off the dais as quickly as I could. Daddy stood as I got to the table and gave me a huge hug. ‘Congratulations Darling.’ Mother looked at me and smiled quickly. Paul stood and. We finally got another day off; we plan to explore further and I am really excited. I actually did some reading in the school library about anal sex. It surprised me because they had about 20 different sex education books with a lot of information. This was before all the information on the Internet.Once again, it is Friday – no practice and track meet on Saturday. This time I invite Tom to my house. His mother on the way to work drops him off and tells us to have good time playing video games.

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