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“I would like it if you didnt smoke that shit in my car" i told him. “ i would like it if you would start up the damn car and drive" he...snapped. I started the engine. He puffed the blunt. I pulled out of the parking lot. “Terrance?" i said almost whispering. “what?" he said blowing out smoke. “why do you mess with every girl at our school.?" i asked. He was silent for a minute. But then he coughed. And said “because. While it had been quite a while since I had last climaxed, it was the thought of being reunited with my parents that pushed me to follow the note’s advice. It was illogical to believe that masturbating would lead to a familial reunion, yet I had very little to lose. I thus reached out and grabbed hold of the dildo.It was rather large and seemed to be made of some odd material that was unknown to me. The texture was off, and the shaft felt warm to the touch, but it was otherwise a normal dildo.. But she decided to try a new cock.She waited and looked at time. It was 10 minutes to 11 and she got down from bed. She tip toed to door and opened it bit. She took a sigh of relief. It was total dark in drawing & living room. She tip- toed to her sorry now Uma’s bedroom. It was closed from inside.“Saali mere gharwale se chudwati hai aur mujhse hee chhupati hai….mere saamne bhi chudwayegi to mai kya karungi…”She walked back and opened main door. No one was there. She sat there. She did not have. I'm going to keep going until I think I'm done. Every time you beg me to stop that is going to add more time to your punishment. That little outburst just now cost you an extra ten minutes, and another five for not being on your knees like I told you too." I told her. She began crying softly, knowing that her night would be a horrible one. I grabbed bitch by the hair again and threw her so that she was on her knees bent at the waist over the side of the bed. I straddled her hips and began.

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