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Every night a nurse would come in and say that visiting hours were over.And every night, before leaving, Susan would lean over and give me another kis....I never tried to grab her or prolong the kiss. I just let her kiss me.By Thursday night, I felt her tongue press against my lips. I opened my mouth and we finally exchanged a deep kiss. I was still making no effort to hold her or force her against me. I just very lightly put my hands on her shoulders.We actually kissed for several minutes before. "This is my daughter, Roberta," I said introducing Bobbie to Mr Field."This is Mr Field," I said introducing Mr Field to Bobbie. "So calledbecause he is known to play the field."I knew that Mr Field actually had had no partner but me since his wifedied but he liked his nickname and each of my clients had nicknames.Yes, because of my numerous partners, there was a risk that Bobbie mightcatch a sexually transmitted disease from Mr Field but it wasn'tsomething Bobbie would find out about as I had. Her long black hair was allowed to flow over her shoulders as it caught the moonlight, glowing like a halo about her head. We were only feet apart; she could hardly have been over thirty.'How did I miss her standing there?'"I'm sorry did I scare you?" She spoke with care, not moving, her arms still crossed."Yes, oh my god, yes. I wasn't expecting anyone in the park this late. I get so nervous when I'm out." I stammered not understanding why I was telling her so much."Would you like me to walk. C.C. ROOM, if I try to talk to you. Toni was still screaming at me. She didn't notice that Mr. West had also walked up to the table. "You can come with me now. As it was explained to you in my office, not long ago. In great detail, what would happen if you violated the restraining order." Mr. West said. With that said Mr. West, and teacher monitoring the lunchroom took the struggling Toni back to his office. We would later learn that Mr. West called the Grand Rapids Police to take Toni to.

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