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It’s…damn, you’re fine in that bikini,’ said Tommy and shook his head in amazement. Tawnya laughed and climbed into the tub. She realized that...Tommy’s body was amazing too. His body was sculptured perfectly with a firm six-pack jutting out of his abdomen. His shoulders were large, as it was typical for a quarterback and he had huge bulging arms. Tawnya longed to be wrapped in those arms but she didn’t want to move too fast. Both were silent for a long time, staring at each other’s body until. So stud number two without further ado shoved his huge, black cock into the hilt as I wrapped my legs around his ass to allow maximum penetration. Once again in a few minutes we were again reaching the point of no return I yelled "Fuck me,breed me,hold your cock deep when we cum. I want all that black seed shot right up to my womb." "Ohhh Yes,now,that's it" I implored them as another climax wrenched my body at the same time I felt the huge black cock in me slammed to the hilt,then spurting. To me age is just a number, as when there is snow on the mountain there is always a fire in the furnace. His tanned face, bold nose, and strong chin are very pleasing to the eyes. His tall figure has a little extra padding, which to me makes him more attractive.He pulled me close, kissed me hard, then suggested. “Honey, enough talk, let’s go to your bedroom, I’m dying to finish what we started in the car.”“Oh that was hot, and the idea of strangers watching me is so arousing!”I grasped his hand. "Okay, I got special favors from people for doing something for them. The girls sat there and debated it for an hour. They finally determined I was a gay gigolo, and that is how come important people owed me so many favors. As I said, we had gotten comfortable with teasing each other.To tell the truth there didn't seem to be any subject that was off limits. Especially after the time I was on my way to the store. They asked where I was going. I told them I was going to buy earplugs so I could.

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