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As the games would go quickly we decided to play 5 games of best to 2 and after each game to 2 there would be a little sexual winning and at the end t...e winner of all 5 sets would get the grand prize. Jessica grand prize that she wanted was for me to fuck her hard and rough in doggy style for about 5 to 10 mins or depending on how long I would last. My grand prize was for her to suck and choke on my cock and swallow my cum as I squirt deep to the back of her throat. We wear both happy with the. Are you doing anything special tonightDaisy?" "Not really, Robin has to be fed and I really don't know whatI am going to make for myself." "Do you like Pizza? Why don't you feed Robin and I'll feedTami. You could come over, and while the girls played, we couldtalk. We can order a Pizza or something and have it delivered." "Sounds like a great idea Ann. I'll, I mean we, will be overin about an hour or so. Don't order the Pizza till I get there.Maybe the Pizza man will get a chuckle. Her pussy and thighs were still quivering as I pulled my fingers free. I looked her in the eyes as I licked her juice from my fingers, “I always knew you’d be finger licking good, babygirl.” Jessi took my face between her hands, “after I put the k**s to bed, I’m going to swallow every drop of your cum.” I kissed her neck, “babygirl, you’re going to get my cum in every hole daily for the next week at least.”Three hours later Jessi was working my cock and balls like an expert. Licking my balls. We arrived at a nice Italian restaurant 15 minutes later and we were seated almost immediately. The waiter came over shortly and took our order.We chatted about random things, about our lives, about the military, politics and relationships & soon we finished and I paid the check.We left and went out to the parking lot, I lit up a cigarette and started to smoke. Kate surprised me by asking for one. I handed her one and lit it for her, we laughed and talked more and smoked together. We finished.

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