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Octavia. Tamara. Even Julia. It was actually fun watching you wander around those three, clueless, as they worked to bait their traps. Octavia was so ...latant about it, I figured you had to know about her – but you didn’t. Tamara was less blatant, so I wondered – but Julia has been practically drooling. When we pulled Tamara’s name and not hers, she pulled Tamara to the side and tried to talk her into changing places, but Tamara would have none of it. Those two have it bad for you.”She thought. He sensed the danger approach and then it stopped. The world seemed to stop around him. Nothing moved and he heard nothing. He knew better than to make the first move. He held his breath and waited for the danger to engulf him any second. Ten more seconds and nothing changed. And then it moved. Not a flash strike that he anticipated but a steady slow jog from his left to the right, in front of him. The black panther kept its green eyes locked on him as it passed. It then disappeared into the. Once the operating system loaded, I opened my web browser to visit a message board dedicated to erotica, a message board that I'd discovered that my mother frequented after snooping through her browser history on her laptop. She'd written stories under the username "StarvingMILF," stories supposedly based on her own experiences. I'd read every one she'd posted in hopes of finding something that'd inspire me to seduce her. I discovered that she'd written a new tale while I was staying at. “haan pata hai maa..mein toh apnu lund ko tere andar rakha hi karunga.” “jab tu ghar pe floor pe pocha lgaya karegi toh mein neeche leta rahunga aur teri gaand aur chut mere muh mein honi chahiye.” “tu jab jhaadu lagaya keregi ..mein tere armpit chaata karunga taaki tera fresh sweat ko mein lick kar saku..aur tujhe roz gym le jaya karunga ab se taaki teri figure ab mujhe jaise acchi lage waise tu banaye”. Yeh bolte bolte ab rishi ne apna lund mummy ke andar ghusa diya aur grunting noise.

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