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With every lick of Alan’s tongue Amanda feels herself losing control and starts to buck her hips invitingly to Alan, feeling him stop licking she is...’t prepared for the force as he pushes his hard thick cock inside her tight pussy. She realises that Alan’s cock must be bigger and thicker than Mike’s is and can’t help herself as it causes her 1st orgasm to sweep over her, Alan doesn’t stop fucking his new daughter in law and makes her orgasm repeatedly, while all the time she can hear the camera. Neither of them are big talkers. So the ride is mostly quiet, with the women sleeping in the back.Annie stays behind to comfort the abused women of the Brutes. It is decided, that the more Protectors that remain behind, the better. The 5 remaining women all say they would be happy to have a gun too. So we leave a more heavily armed party then what the protectors came with. It was two hour in the dark without lights, driving carefully. Somewhat nerve racking.Approximately 3 and a half hours. By now it was almost 0900, and the shift change was in progress at the station. Being Sunday morning, there were extra officers on hand to handle the traffic around the many churches in town and around the early opening restaurants. On observing the handing out of assignments, I noticed that the two who had arrested me were present, and I listened carefully when they received their assignment. Quickly transferring outside, I awaited their appearance at their patrol car.They soon arrived but. I was now naked from the waist down. My shaven pussy and bare bottom were exposed for his viewing. I am not certain why, but wearing only the thin silk blouse made me feel more exposed and far more vulnerable than if I was completely naked. I felt like I had been dressed to expose and accentuate my private parts.Harris ran his right hand up between my thighs. He separated my labia with his fingers and found the opening of my vagina. He then slid his fingers up gently massaging my very.

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