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Perhaps she could use her newly feminine charms to conquer his so-called charming ways and get it back from him? At the very least he should be able t... get close to whoever got the immunity idol next time and switch with him or her. There was no telling whose body Greg might occupy by the time the contest was over but he was determined to be the winner!*****Meanwhile the show's top two producers overhear, from a hidden camera and microphone, as "Colleen", one of the survivors talking to herself. I brought my hands up to lay upon her slender shoulders; the straps of her brassiere contrasting with the smooth creamy skin.Slowly my warm moist lips went to the nape of her neck, her skin feeling cool. I kissed her very lightly yet felt her quiver. Her aroma was as I remembered, that lingering perfume mixed with her expensive organic bath soap. It had excited me then; just as it did now.I pressed my cheek gently against hers, my eyes again capturing hers in the mirror. She looked vulnerable,. “Sarah was very impressed with your ass this afternoon,” Michelle told us as she rubbed a generous dose of oil over his ass cheeks as he clenched them for us. “So were around twenty other people, males and females.“And she was incredibly impressed with your cock. So was her man,” Michelle smiled as Garth turned around so Michelle could oil his torso. “Look at his nipples, huge he likes them teased like that,” she told us before she worked his flaccid cock with two hands. “Twelve women and. I instantly become wet. He then licks my pussy twice."Mmmm, don't stop, that feels good," I say in what seems like mumbles. Then Peter does something I had never experienced before in my life.Peter shoves something cold and hard into my hot, wet pussy. I let out a loud scream. I opened my eyes and looked down. Peter was grinning from ear to ear. I look over and see the paper from a Rocket Pop Popsicle. " Surprise!" says Peter still smiling. I'm at a loss for words. Peter pulls the Rocket Pop.

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