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I was sat there looking at her ass jiggle and was rubbing my cock which was already making a tent in my pants.I couldn’t take it anymore. I meal, got the plates, and placed them next to the sink. As I did so my cock was poking her ass. She turned her head around to look but I was already on her. I started grinding my cock against her ass and grabbed her on the neck.I then started to lick and kiss on her neck. She resisted a little, tried to push me back but I held on. I wasn’t. “Connor, this is Eric,” said Rachel. She was young middle age, her hair drawn into a chignon, and wearing a plain full skirted, burgundy taffeta dress with matching heels. Her bearing was stately.“Would you remove all your clothes here, where Eric can watch you?”Connor moved to the indicated place and hung his suit coat on the back of a nearby chair. He sat down to slip off his shoes and socks and began unbuttoning his shirt. When he stood to finish with his shirt, baring his chest, it became. I'm not that tall really,but I'm told I have a pretty face.So the first week came and went,and I was 500 quid up.Another week and I might even get a week in Spain with the boys.Then, on the Tuesday,we had a bit of a rush.A few lads out on a stag all came in together.I had been told by the boss to never ever turn away a customer.But the lads,about 6 of them,were a bit noisy,and were beginning to cause a nuisance.Big Dave who owned the place, asked me if I would be interested in giving one of the. I suddenly realized that the blond girl had returned. Alarmed, I sat up with a lurch.?What do you want?? I asked.?To offer my sympathies,? she answered in a soft but husky voice.?Why did you do it???I can’t let a strange guy grab my ass,? she said.?I never touched you,? I said.She laughed. ?No, I guess you didn’t. You just looked like a man that needed a hard knee in the balls.?With the party guests out of earshot, she had no qualms about admitting that she’d hurt me badly on a whim. I didn’t.

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