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" So, what are you going to be punished with, slave?" The strap, Mistress."Mrs. McGregor rolls the die across the floor for the third time.Stuart craw...s to where the die lay and reported, "It's a two, Mrs.McGregor." Wonderful. Twenty with the strap. This is going to be fun. First go tothe kitchen and bringin the footstool and put it in the archway between the two rooms." Now crawl to me and present me with the strap."Stuart Picked up the doubled over leather strap. and presented it toMrs.. They would probably threaten quite a bit, perhaps a frontal assault. This time though, he was sure that they would do exactly what he wanted. An evil laugh erupted from his throat; they would be his slaves by the end of the day he was sure of it.The lord Doctor turned to look upward, ah good, his soon to be slaves were approaching. Two loud thuds outside the doctor’s domicile alerted him that they had arrived.Both nearly ripped the door off of the domicile as they both charged in. The Lord. They know that and we've bailed them out a couple of times when other suppliers have let them down." So this should be a fairly easy call then?" Yes, more so because the buying department is run by a woman. I know she'll be really pleased that you'll represent us. She's always on my case about hiring women. I told her I have two women in sales in Canada and I'm always on the lookout for talent. I half expected her to recommend someone, but when I challenged her, she couldn't come up with a. I tried to flick on a light and nothing happened. A small butterfly of panic settled in the pit of my stomach. I swallowed a couple times with difficulty. ‘Chance?’ I called again. Still nothing. No other sounds met my ears. The small butterfly of panic grew a little bit bigger. I shuffled softly against the wall searching for anything that could have made the sound. But I could see nothing. When I entered the kitchen I tried again to turn on the lights. Again nothing happened. ‘Chance!’ I.

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