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I saw her coming down the alley from a distance, and even from a bit away I could see the low cut thing she was wearing and the great looking cleavage... She was looking at her phone as she maneuvered around a few puddles and the uneven stones in the old alleyway. It's long, a narrow alley from a long time ago I guess. With fire escapes overhead and dumpsters crowding the middle - there was barely room for deliveries and I never saw anyone back here - never at this time of night anyway. Most. ." said the boss, nodding at his slave but before she could even stand, Sato coughed politely."No, the other one, please. Laura is so demure that I am sure she is the better trained. Indeed, I suspect that she must have spent some time in the east." You have a fine eye, gents," the boss went on smoothly. "Indeed, Laura worked for a year the brothels of Bangkok. Carol? If you'd like to stand?"Realising that I had very little choice as both honour and money were now riding on this, I did as I had. Finally Alice spoke, her tone was both passionate and grave."You leave her be, Gerry, she's not part of this, and she's not interested in you!" You sound very sure - I'm not so certain, on either count!" Gerry smiled with feigned friendship."I'm warning you, and by the way - she's not gay!" Alice spat her frustration at Gerry."Neither are you" Gerry responded, deftly stoking a fingertip over Alice's closest breast."Get off me, Geraldine" Alice emoted, shrugging the hand away."Ha, you can deny. I'm a forty year old widow living on a fixed income in an old house that needs a lot of work. I thought we could get through the end of the year when I would get a small endowment from my husband's last job. My son Andrew is eighteen and needs a lot of clothing as he is growing like a weed. He is near six foot and is filling out like a football player. He also eats like a small horse. I do work part time at the truck stop checking the fuel counters and making sure we keep the tanks full. At.

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