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She lowered herself onto that magnificent cock. It was ecstasy. She threw her head back. His mouth found her neck. Her feet behind him on the seat, he... arms around his neck, she forced herself up and down the length of this giant member encased in her walls. His hips gently pumping to help give her full depth. She looked up at his face, and couldn't see his eyes. He still had the glasses on. She reached up and took them off his face, and flung them to the ground. His mouth again on hers. The. Please, don't trick the system, your story will be refused.- Thanks for posting :)Some advices before posting: - Don't write your story directly into our system. There's a server timeout, after few minutes of inactivity, you will be disconnected and you will lose your work.- The best solution is to write and save your work into your computer and copy/paste it here.- Don't forget to check your story before posting it. With some text editors, there could be some problems like formating text or. Hum pi rahe thea idhar udhar ki baat kar rahe thea..Agle din usko office b jana tha to usne keh diya ab use sona chahiye. To usne mera bed dusre kamre me laga diya usne socha me thakka hu. Mein fresh hokar bahar aaya. To usne kaha tumhara bed dusre kamre me laga hai..Meine kaha kya mein tumhare sath so sakta hu. To usne ishara karte huye keh diya yaha so jao. Usne kamre me ac chala diya or light band kar di. Fir wohi hua jo hum chahte thea. Meine uske hath ko pakda or kiss kar diya. Wo b bahut. Finn started to massage her back from the shoulders down to just above her ass, making sure not to do anything that'd make her uncomfortable.Finally, twenty minutes later, Finn stopped."Thanks, honey. That felt great."Just then, the food arrived. Finn had ordered a barbecue pizza. They both ate in silence. Finally, when they were done, Laura was about to leave when,"Mom?" Yeah?" I... Just wanted to say good night." He said, smiling. Laura knew he was hiding something."What is it, Finn? Do you.

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