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They cleaned themselves up and left the shower.They got dressed and Jeanne started putting on make-up and primping herself up for this special occasio.... Phil was in the room putting on a pair of black pleaded slacks and a blue polo shirt. Jeanne was in the bathroom and put on a red sundress with white flower patterns, spaghetti straps over the shoulders, low cut in the chest showing a hint of her cleavage and came down to mid thigh when she was standing. Phil loved the way she looked in this. .wo boli mujhe kuch nahi pata daalo ise..maine koisis ki but nahi ja raha tha mera lund lagbhag 7 inc tak to hoga hi aur mota bhi hai mujhe exat nhi pata kitna..maine usse kaha yarr apni choot ke lips open kar aur dekh dard hoga but sah leena wo boli pata hai dard hoga ..maine kaha tumko kaise pata to wo boli ki uski friend phele hi chud chuki hai usne batya tha…maine apna lund ka topa uski choot pe rakha aur dhaka mara thoda sa under gaya tha ki wo tadap uthi lekin usne phele se hi apna haath. "Beautiful isn't he?" said Julie."You too," I said."Then fuck me darling."Just as I positioned myself between her small well muscled legs, I felt the bed move. Simeon flipped Amy over and began thrusting fast and long missionary style.Julie's fingers took hold and guided my cock to her hungry cunt. I pushed and descended and in one long thrust I was balls deep. "Yes!" yelled Julie. We hugged and matched genital twitches. Our lips met feverishly. We clutched together, my hands holding her strong. She got inside the outer office and then she knocked lightly on the door to Mr. Edwards office that was partially pushed shut."Yes, who is it?" he said, not expecting to have anyone drop by that late in the day. "Oh, hi, Brenda, it's good to see you," he said, sitting back and noticing how nice Brenda looked. Mr. Edwards had often thought the captain of the cheerleading squad was one of the sexiest of the coeds in his high school this year and he had occasionally caught himself fantasizing.

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