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"No thanks mom. Em and I are going to hang out tonight."My mom looked surprised. "Oh? Is that so? How nice! Where you two going?"I looked down at the ...loor."We're going to go to dinner and then maybe go listen to some blues music," Ethan answered."Well that sounds like fun. You two have fun," she said and left the room. I could hear her telling my father how cute it was that I was going to be hanging out with Ethan. Oh if she only knew...I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up my room and. I can’t wait until you’re squirting your cream all over me.”“Drench you!” she yowled. “By Las’s amazing cum, I will!”“She will,” Sven chuckled.“Zanyia is a determined one,” the aoi si said.Ealaín had tits as big as mine, but hers were so dark. I hadn’t had a chance to get to know her yet. She had appeared so suddenly. But she had a gorgeous body, and that cock, as big as Sven’s, growing from her pussy made my cunt ache. I leaned over, wiggling my ass at Sven as I sucked on the tip of Ealaín’s. I told her it couldn't have worked out any better because I would never had made the first move. With that said she kissed me hard and long. I felt much younger than my forty something years at this moment. I knew I was still very verile but I felt light headed and ready to howl at the moon. Angie suggested we move our party inside just in case the neighbors across the way decided to come out for the evening. She put on some music and we sat on the couch and resumed our. Sophia began to cry but eventually worked as fast as possible and got his pants and boxers to the ground. Her eyes widened when she saw what it was hiding: Liam’s nine inch white python. His huge cock was proportional to his body, but compared to five foot tall Sophia, it was scary. It was about as thick as her wrist with a circumcised helmet. The blonde curls at the base of his dick matched his own curly blonde hair on his head. Sophia looked into his icy blue eyes while she was on her knees.

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