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Once all of orphaned concubines were settled into a routine at the Community Center, with many going to new homes, Sarah began working in earnest. She...spoke to Mike Farris, the Planetary Governor, about setting up a school system on Kon-at. The two of them also worked with the AI to add some enhancements to the training that concubines received while in the medical tubes. These enhancements would better enable concubines to raise children and give the concubines the knowledge and skills to. Her body's power began to take him away, as he pummeled with a force he hadn't used before, with anyone. And the approaching peak seemed to swell up to them, attracting, inviting, waiting, rather than exploding. He thought, toward the end, he could feel every muscle, every tendon, every luscious part of her, twisting and turning with him. They were sighing to each other, hands moving constantly, seeming to seek the depths of their sleek, glistening, bodies.She finished first, grunting out. I stopped her and she banished us all from the club.”“You have been banned?” Lisa swallowed hard. It sounded like the two girls were scared from the thought of getting banned.“We’ve got one chance to stay. I challenged the Queen to a fuck off. It was how she won leadership of the club and if I can beat her I will become the new leader.”“We have heard about that. She crushed the old president of the club. Do you think you can win?”“There is one problem. I need five women that I make love to.. James stepped closer to her, almost nose to nose, and smiled. "Ready? Hold your arms tight." He squatted just a bit, placed his palms under her elbows and straightened his legs, lifting her easily off the ground. Now they really were nose to nose."You ok? Still holding your arms tight?"Sally nodded, nervous but excited by his display of strength.James pressed, bringing his arms up and lifting her above his head, seemingly without effort. He held here there for a five count, then slowly lowered.

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