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“Loretta, are you... ?”That’s as far as I got before she swooped in and threw her arms around me and laid one on me that included four or five m...nutes of tongue and saliva swapping; so much for any incestuous concerns on our part.When we finally separated the windows were completely steamed. There was no Paul Newman to distract them, and we got into a weird kind of ménage a trois. By that I mean lots of kissing, grabbing and touchy feely, but no outright sex.At this point I was slouched down in. She was enjoying every moment. I could fell the hot liquid dripping from her pussy on my laps, she was about to tell that she is dripping on…. So I told her its ok & ignore about me. We kissed & I sucked her nipple for next 20 minutes. During this time I asked her did she see the dick before, she told me yes, I asked her do u know to suck the dick, she told yes, I asked her she had sex before she told yes… just once in the field & she did not enjoy much as it was in a hurry. So I told her we. I have to be in BigTown by 1 tomorrow afternoon to pick up a load.“Well it's not 1Am yet so you could get some sleep, BigTown only 3-4 hrs away, a straight shot.Is there a lot of room in those things ?” I couldn't take my eyes off the bulge in his crotch, and my mouth filled with saliva, remembering seeing his cock from the mirror“Yeah there is, want to see inside?”“Yeah that would be cool”So we walked over to the last truck, he opened the passenger door and I climbed in. he came in thru. And best of all, he’d taught her how to make love with the skill of a practiced courtesan. She was so eager to please him, she did whatever he asked of her. The sleek, attractive brunette she was today often turned men’s heads, but she only had eyes for one man – Jake – and she trusted him completely to feel the same about her. She had had no desire or need to ever be unfaithful to him. After Jake left, Heather got dressed and went to work, eager to get through the day’s meetings with clients.

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