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“But that still leaves the question of where I fit in this happy little ménage-a-trois that you, my ex and Claire sweet-cheeks have got going on.�...I thought for a moment and knew the only answer I could give her. “Honestly, Hannah, I can’t give you an answer right now. Claire and I would need to talk before we could give you an answer.”And then, like all good Wall St. negotiators, I tried to put a more positive spin on it. “Just say, for a moment, that Claire and I are agreeable, what is it you. My penis is filled with semen (precum).The smell is husky which I liked it more and my pee is done and came back to seat and started talking with my darling sap and the next half of the movie started. Then I slowly put her hands on my erect dick.S : what?? (with shy)M : see my dick and you should know na how much it is.Then she hold my dick hard as it is first time. Then I told it is hurting inside let me take it outside. Then I opened my zip and took my dick out its fully hard about 90*.Then. I thought what a girl she is no matter what she does but what I like is she is not fake and she is proud what she does. I said nothing except nice, you are a strong girl with a smile.It was now 45 min bus got out of the Mumbai and I saw the clock and it was 8:45 pm then she said let’s play a game. I said what game? Here? She said yeah here, but the game is about truth and you should be true it’s like truth and dare you know this game? I said yes I know” she said ok, I will ask you one question. After giving me my usual over-the-spanking horse ass whipping, which left me a deliciously red ass, She ordered me to kneel.I thought I heard movement in the room. Frowning behind the blindfold, my wonderment piqued.Seated before me was a white man. I recognized him as someone who she did business with( she made dresses on the side that he sold). He was also naked. I gasped.‘Don’t look so surprised slave! You said you’d do anything for me!’ I gulped, because I recall making such a boast. ( I.

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