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..Its like being dildoed with sandpaper...say that gaves me an idea. Slut, where do you keep your dildo?” “DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT PLEEASE STOP H...RTING ME...haven't you done enough?” Teresa begged. Jenn thought it over for a bit...Teresa kept begging “please, I'll let you keep fuckign me if you have to, just stop burning my cunt”. “ok” Jenn said “I'll take out the bottle and untie one leg so you can...piss it out?” “thank you sis, thank you so much”. Jenn took the bottle, thrusted it in hard. Leaning into the shower, she turned on the water and adjusted it. I climbed in the tub.I spun around, getting all of my body wet. I grabbed the soap. She climbed in behind me and took the soap from my hands. She soaped my back, spending particular time on my ass cheeks and in between. My balls had never been so well scrubbed. She turned me around and soaped my arms, shoulders, my chest, which she seemed to enjoy, my stomach. When she knelt down, her face inches from my pointy hardness, I closed. I wanted to stay, I hoped he’d invite me to stay, but, well, I didn’t feel his interest in me in that way. I was the team manager after all, and he already said it wasn’t probably appropriate to ask for my help. Now I had to convince him it was ok. The firsts few days of the following week I was busy at work, meetings, reports, phone calls, but once at home, I had time to think about my feelings and find if it was appropriate or not. I thoroughly read Internal Employee Handbook and found that. Chad was one of the other students participating in this semester-long study-abroad archeological dig. A few years ago, Chad would have been just her type: athletic, young, funny and a bona fide party-boy. It's amazing what a few years could do."You can look, but don't touch, Chad," she said with a wry grin. Chad staggered backwards with his hands over his heart, as if she had literally shot him down. For three months now, Chad's attempts to get into her pants had become almost a daily ritual..

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