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The palm of my hand has caught the juice as it now flows out of my pussy. I lick the sweet taste from my palm and slip my long finger into my mouth im...gining it to be your luscious cock. I slowly circle the tip of my finger with my tongue as if it were the head of your cock. I send my tongue down the length of my finger, swirling it all around to catch every bit of juice. I close my lips tightly at the base of my finger and slide my mouth all the way to the tip and begin to work my mouth around. I was keeping my mouth and also eyes shut to stop moaning.After a while, he changed his motion and this time, he was moving me up and down. I opened my eyes and looker at him. He smiled and said,-hameeda…you like it, huh…?-I nodded. After fucking me like that for a while, I was about to come. I said,-imad, I am gonna come-Right then he stopped and put me on the bed again.Why did he do that? Why not came inside me? I was surprised.-but why not you came inside me?--if you come now, you will not. .. to pledge allegiance to your country every morning. Questions in his head like ‘what happens if you forget? Does that mean you are unpatriotic that day?’ and ‘how is this different to North Korean indoctrination?’ he kept to himself. He knew from the last visit that some things were best left unsaid in the USA; as in Britain really. If you were Scottish you could say that Scotland was the arse-end of a cow; if you weren’t then you might get a Glasgow kiss for saying it. Even if Manchester. Whatever Bill would suggest, Marion would happily agree to. She was determined to demonstrate her devotion to him and by that third month, she expected him to propose. As the month came and went though, she became frustrated once again as he continued to act as if they were just close friends. She had restrained herself in their intimate times, as she knew he was unused to the wilder side of sex, and wasn't comfortable with it. Now and then, she wondered if she had chosen the wrong man, but his.

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