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And this just wasn'tpossible. You see, everyone has some kind of imperfection; be it a crookednose, one eye or ear slightly higher than the other (whi...h is verycommon), bow legs, flat feet, or even an extra toe. But Jack and Justinwere perfect. Their blood work came back perfect; their x-rays showed nohistory of broken bones; their teeth showed no signs of ever having asingle cavity and their shiny white teeth were perfectly straight; theirskin was tanned and flawless. Speaking of their skin I. ?My, you are eager, aren?t you?? he said with a smile. ?I amFernando. I am here for your massage, but I guess you already knew that.? ?Um, oh, uh, no, i didn?t know you were coming. It must beMaster?s surprise.? Having said that, i stood there, and Fernando stood there,until finally he said, ?May I come in?? ?Oh, yes, i?m so sorry, it is just a bit of a surprise.? istammered. ?For me, as well Se?orita, but very pleasant.? Strangelythat made me blush, even though in totally ordinary. .. she's a real nymph ooohhhh!"I felt my manhood stiffen, and it was almost immediately grabbed by whatever it was that was constricting me. I looked down to see a shimmering snakelike appendage wrapped around my body and stroking my throbbing tumescence. I had seen these snakelike appendages before - many years before. Except they had been a uniform brown colour as of wet leather. This one, however, reminded me of those marvelous encephalopods - octopi, and squid and cuttlefish. A mesmeric. I wanted him to have me. His hands were soft and forceful all at the same time all over my torso and stroking my hair. Just as I knew I would have to make love to this man, he pulled away and said in his German accent: "I will meet you at your hotel tomorrow evening. You will be dressed feminine. We will fuck and you will feel like a woman receiving my love." What? Seriously, I thought? But I need release NOW. I fluttered my eyes and said yes. I put my hotel and room number in his.

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