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As I caressed her breasts her nipples would get rock hard and she would slightly open her thighs. I would gently place my hand on the inside of her and lightly press the side of my finger into her nylon pantied clit – slight pressure with very subtle movement. As her body responded I would intensify the rubbing and pressure. The more turned on she got the more she would spread her legs. I would then gently take her hand and place it on her pussy and then would start working on her. Her hands reached up and went underneath my shirt, trying to find my bra. I quickly pulled them both off, hands shaking form the pleasure.She pulled and pinched my nipples. She was kissing the lips of my pussy, not pushing her tongue farther. I tried to move meg legs in a way that would make her slid her tongue into me. But she would have none of that. Steph liked being in control. She looked up at me, devilish grin on her face, naughty look in her eye.“Tell me what you want,” she instructed,. "Fried chicken, slaw, potato salad, deviled eggs and as a treat for being naked, a hard lemonade. You can have one each during our indoor picnic and more, later. Remember, don't drink and drive." Pete finally said, "OK you sexy little girls. Your clothes are in the laundry room. You can cover your cute nipples, now." He grinned, "But I can still see through the cloth."They agreed, as they put the skimpy things on, that anything was better than nothing. "Cam, that half-cup bra is like a trophy. It took a full day to get everything arranged, so we were in town for five days before our first performance. That time was needed, among other things, for our presence to be announced to the public. I took out a large ad in the Santa Fe newspaper as well as having handbills distributed.Finally, the big day arrived, and, strangely enough, I was the only one who was not worried. Of course, I had the usual "stage fright" that all performers get, but I knew it for what it was. Hank, Molly, and.

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