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" Then I reached for my make up bag to put onmy face."How could I possibly sleep in with your so delicate lady like gruntingwhile you put your shoes o..." mum said with a laugh as she pulled back thebed covers and decided to get up before 7.30 for the first time sinceshe'd arrived. "Oh my shattered nerves, it's only 6.30 Steph," my motherinformed me."I thought you might like to go and milk Rosie. Sort of bring backchildhood memories for you wouldn't it?" I said to her with a smile.Finishing my. I looked at the man riding right towards me, and I was trying to bring the rifle up to kill him when I heard a shot.The man who had been speaking flew backwards off his horse and the men around him pulled their weapons out and started firing in the distance. They wheeled their horses around and charged for the gunman standing on the far hill. Before they got halfway down the hill, their prey was gone from sight but they continued on. I lay there and could feel the ground tremble under me, but. ” The man answered and her mom had gotten into the strangers car. It pulled away, onto the road and the occupants began talking, getting to know each other a little then talking about other things. Her Mother couldn’t recall what. What was or at least seemed in memory as hours later her Mother told the Man where to park beside the 101 freeway near Santa Monica Blvd. Her Mom had pointed out a building saying I live over there and then began be dishonest with the man, whose character she latter. She heard her dad walk away and get something from the fridge before coming back. She heard him open a cardboard box and then he set it down on the couch, upright, resting against the back of the couch. Mandy knew instinctually that if the box tipped over and spilled that she would be in even more trouble so she kept an eye on it. It was a box of those red, white and blue firecracker popsicles. Mandy thought she knew what was coming. Dad took one out of the box and unwrapped it. Mandy gasped.

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