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He was so not used to his Aunt being this way. Suddenly he regretted making the admission about his own stealing. He forgot for a moment this was a ga...e. "No Aunty, I don’t find it funny at all.” “We’ll see. Right Daniel, I will deal with you first. Jason, make just one sound and you will get a second spanking later on, do you understand?” “Yes Aunty.” “Jason, I mean it. I don’t give threats I don’t keep.” “Yes Aunty” he repeated, now wary but somehow he found his Aunt so sexy dressed. Again and again Lee slides his slightly softening cock in and out, his huge black cock hardening again, again stretching my lady's already stretched pussy further and further and than ….... Lee again explodes pumping load after load of cum to his load of cum already lubricating my lady's inflamed tunnel of extreme pleasure. Lee slowly pulls his cum soaked cock from my lady's cum dripping pussy. Lee than slowly drops to his knees, placing his lips over my lady's gushing pussy hole and. “I do. I just lost them.”“Lost them?! Where? How do you lose underwear?!”“Shut the door and get in the shower if you want to do this.”I was in no mood for playing games. I was tired and cranky and sore. Luckily Jason was already rock hard. This wouldn’t take long at all. Jason hopped in first and his body shielded most of the water from the rest of the tub. I climbed in after and pulled the curtain shut. I bent over at the waist and waited for him to enter me. I felt him attempting to. With a slow rhythm she fucked him playing with his cock at the same time. Bob’s guts were in turmoil over this first ever intrusion, but he got a raging hardon from the attention to his ass. It was about fifteen minutes before Frannie could cum again, but when she felt her nuts tighten she pulled Bob down on top of her and kissed him as she pounded out her orgasm up his ass. His cock shot as she came, pressed as it was between the two bodies as it was.They lay in each other’s arms for a.

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