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With one last thrust of the hips his balls slapped her chin. Ana gagged and tried to pull away but he held her there tightly. Then pulled his cock out...and slapped her ass cheeks very hard. “Do you want to feel this real man`s dick in your slut married pussy…?” He asked smiling as he grabbed his cock and slapped her face with it. "I want your huge black cock in my pussy so badly…”Anita sobbed, showing a pure primal lust in her beautiful brown eyes. Then she received another hard slap on the. For some seconds there was silence and then I saw her coming to me. I was awed by her beauty. She was Caucasian, 6 feet tall with long blond hair. She was wearing a tiny skirt, which revealed the length and the beauty of her legs and a tight t shirt. I saw the carvings of her breasts which I was sure they were really big and firm. Her nipples were piercing the t shirt and I had a huge erection. How couldn’t I? She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And then I focused on her eyes. Her. Suck..Faster ahhhyess. You're never going to miss a spot again. Naughty slave, think you canjust come in my house, check out my muscles and not doing any work" HeatherscoldedShe pulled the dildo out. She grabbed him by the hair and dragged him to theroom. She pushed him down on the bed and grabbed his hips. She teases hisasshole with the head of the strapon cock."Look at your asshole pucker up slave, you much really want this. Don't worry,going to give you all 12 inches, of my thick fat cock". After a moment to organize his thoughts, he continued, “So we’ve got this wonderful dominant/submissive thing going on. On top of it, I am your boss. At the same time though, we’re just two people together, with equal rights and all that. The way that works from my point of view is that, as your boss, I’ll lay out your schedule and responsibilities. As your dom, it’s my job to train you and satisfy you.”She asked, “I thought my job is to satisfy you, not the other way around.”“Well, in the end,.

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