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It took me a minute, but then I leaned forward and began to lay kisses on his lower belly. It was as much to buy time as I built up my courage as else, but I found I liked the contrast between the coarse hairs on his stomach and the silky smoothness I was accustomed to with my wife. Working my way down into the musk of his pubic hair, I began to slowly ease his shorts lower. When my tongue contacted the root of his cock, the heat was the once again first thing I noticed. From that. All the girls got their coats and I was suddenly confused.“Where are we going?” I asked, uncertain what was up.“Not far,” Emma assured me and handed my jacket to me. Mom and Lilly joined us and I started to get really nervous when Hanna pulled out a blindfold and slipped it over my eyes. “No peeking,” Emma chuckled.They guided me outside, warning me of steps and then led me out to the driveway and it seemed like we were going to the back yard, though I wasn’t sure. I heard a door open and was. She lets out a girlish whimper, but doesnt struggle. Once more, with double the force, I smack her in the same spot. ‘Ow!’ she cries. My cock has grown hard. I slide off the unbuttoned pants, and boxers along with it, then, one arm after another, never letting go of the scarf, I remove my shirt. ‘Hold it open with your fingers..’ I say. She does. I lick my finger and gently stroke the soft pink spot that is now exposed. I can feel it pulse with every pass. In seconds, the juices start. She’s the cutest thing in ropes you ever saw and if you do find her, please be gentle with her and tell her hello from me?As for the story, it is perhaps a bit on the soft side and I am still in doubt by the changing of the point of view and about the dialogues. Just let me know what you think about it.Caught in the hood.We are having our long weekend at the cabin, and you have been playfully provoking me all day. However I simply wasn't in the mood and every time you try you don’t succeed in.

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