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She said, “Have you fucked a Muslim woman before?” I said, “NO”. She said, “Then tonight we will be doing Love Jihad.” Fatima started maki...g love to me in all the possible way she could. That night we tried many different positions which I had never tried before. I was simply amazed by her stamina. She even gave me some Viagra to keep my thing in action. Finally she gave up at 4 in the morning. We laid on the bed hugging each other.At 7’O clock she screamed and woke me up. She said, “Quick, go. . I guess not. Why?" Book the room ... now, before it disappears ... Do it!" Kat says ... book the room ... No, I was talking to Meredith ... Okay, it's booked. Now, will you tell me why?" Bill and I have been trying to get a room in Miami for the last month ... everything is booked solid. Look ... I'm sorry if I seem to be imposing myself on you but I was desperate; if you and Meredith will share one bed, Bill and I will take the other. I'll even pay for most of the room; we were willing to go. They were pressing around my nose as my mouth was against the little area in front of his ass. I couldn’t breathe. After a while he let up and I caught my breath. He moved back and told me to stick my tongue out. He worked his hips so that my face was mostly covered by his balls and my tongue was bumping against his asshole. I heard him tell me to lick it and I went to work on it. He told me to get him wet with my mouth so I licked and slobbered all around his ass and balls. My face was covered. We'll have to think of an appropriate punishment."Debbie's breath came faster now, the dildo building up her excitement level despite her own feelings of despair. Her eyes locked on the lower hole in the wall now as a bare cock pushed through the hole a respectable distance."C'mon baby, do it for me, you're driving me wild!" the stranger said.Debbie pushed the big dildo nearly all the way into her cunt, leaving only enough outside to grip. Then, with a half moan of lust and half sob she moved.

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