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I held her to me as I bit the nape of her neck and I could feel her juices roll down my fingers puddling in the palm of my hand. My need for release r...se as I felt her pussy pulse around my fingers. In that moment I needed her touch and I could feel her pull on the rope needing to touch me too. I let go of her breast and ran my hand down her arm untying her hands. She didn’t skip a beat, slipping out of the rope before I’d even finished, she had one hand in my hair gripping as she turned her. He carried her 105-pounds easily into her bedroom and laid her down on the bed.Arms and legs wrapped together, they kissed each other repeatedly.Charlie pulled back just enough to unbutton her black server's shirt, theone she wore a tie with only a few hours ago. Funny how women can wearmen's clothing, even in a work environment, but men can't do theopposite. Imagine the ruckus at my non-profit if I showed up in a maxidress, he thought.Connie's flowing blonde hair and sultry makeup, the. . laughing at you... whilecasually ordering you... to "suck own mah gotdam nigguh toes... bitch...ain't dat whut awl yew liddle white gurls cawled 'em... when yee wuzsteel uhh kid?... suck own 'em... bitch"... as you hold each of Hisfeet... in your dainty white hands... and lick His feet... starting withthe soles... and working your way up... over the top... of His foot...and then sucking on each... of His toes... starting with the little toefirst... and working your way up... just like all the. Whatever lessons she had taken from her first time, she had learned them well. She kissed and sucked on them, she used her tongue to draw wet circles around them, she blew gently on them making them deliciously chilled. I was in heaven. She seemed ravenous and I felt her hand stray lower and cup my pussy still hiding in my jeans. She rolled to one side and started to struggle with the belt, button and zip. Far from being the frightened mouse, she was now determined to go all the way. She knelt.

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