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“Oh yay,” she exclaimed. “I want the blue one!”“Been going through my things again, have you?” our mother asked cheekily and then looked a... me. “Well, and which do you want, Reka?” she asked.I shook my head confused, suddenly feeling very much out of place. This situation had taken an unexpected turn, and I wasn’t sure how to handle it. None of them seemed the slightest bit embarrassed about it, which made me feel even more exposed and vulnerable, and I didn’t like feeling like that. “Well,” I. "There's no way we can spend an hour or two in that thing and not just die from the heat" she said. I agreed, but pointed out it was too late to change plans. Besides, Mom had put a lot of work into the suit."Well" she said in a whisper "we could wear less clothing while we're in it."I didn't see as how that would work and said so.She had an answer for everything, though. "See, we'll strip down while we're in the suit, and when it's time to get out of it we'll go into the locker room and put. We were laughing and fell on bed again, I caught her neck by one hand and her slim waist with the other, moving my hands over her ass and bringing her closer to me. She came near my ears and whispered “I would like to pleasure you now and kept her index finger on my lips”.I already had a hard on by then. She kissed my on my cheeks, eyes, nose, chin, and ears. Finally, she came to my lips and started kissing. She had a sense of urgency this time. I too was excited fully, I smooched her, our. . you are fucking killing me now.”I guided my cock near her pussy walls and rubbed it against her clit… She was breathing like she was under water for a full three minutes.I put my cock into her. She wasn’t a virgin. And she was pretty wet. My cock had a tough time entering her though. “You’re real tight down here babe”, I said … as i pushed hard and moved inside her. “Oh fuck” she screamed. “Just make sure you don’t make me pregnant”. I held her hips and pulled her to me. I was completely in.

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