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”“What’s the break-even point?”“If all goes to plan the sale of the first two buildings pays for it all. We share the money from the sale of...the third building as profit and we also get to keep these two condo units. The condo corporation for running the buildings is separate from the construction company. When a unit is ready for sale it’s transferred to the condo company at full price on a loan which is paid out when the unit is sold. That way each unit owner gets an equal share in the condo. Right. Sorry, I was a little distracted there. How are you doing?”She sighed. “I’m hanging in there. It’s been rough, but I’m hanging in there.”In the pause that followed, I decided to throw it out there: “How is Lisa? Have you talked to her?”“John ... truthfully, she’s absolutely miserable.”“I ... see.” I couldn’t really see a good path away from that comment, so instead I asked, “How did you get me here?”She snorted derisively. “It wasn’t easy! None of us had your number, and Lisa certainly. And it is still confusing to me why you went to work and to the 'so called shopping trip' dressed like a high class whore in your sexiest underwear? Not much of a shopping trip either was it?" What the hell does that mean? Is it my fault that I didn't find anything of interest?" She shouted."I'm sure that you found something else of greater interest. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I'm convinced that you are dating some horny creep on the side. Aren't you? I can't see any other possible. He hadn’t been to a reunion in a long time. He made the first couple, hadn’t been impressed, so he skipped the last three. As a result, he hadn’t seen most of his classmates in years. He’d attended college in a far-away state and settled there after finishing his degree. Few people in his old hometown knew what he did for a living, or even remembered him, for that matter. A few people walking into the hall looked familiar. Some of them looked at him, puzzled, not sure who he was. That didn’t.

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