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I was--or am, rather--Jevon Caughrym, though I've gone to a few extremes to make sure that none among the living are still aware of that fact. Being a...powerful wizard certainly didn't hurt in that regard, though it did mean that more people, as a rule, have a reason to seek out my true identity.Last I checked, I'm (and always have been) a seeker of knowledge. Arcane and magical knowledge, to be specific. However, when it comes to the ownership of such works, the line between mine and thine. Still pretending to be unconcerned about what happens, she undoes my buckle and zip, letting the smooth material drop to my ankles. I reach for her hands but she sits down again.“Mike, you can do this for her, otherwise she will not get fucked!”I speak in crudities now, letting her know what is for sure going to happen to her.Mike jumps up, as if it is so important that Linda gets fucked.He reaches over the table, and slowly lifts the elastic waist over my cock and tugs the cloth down my. ”Bringing his other hand around, he fondled her other breast. “I’ve been wanting to play with these for years, you know?”She nodded again. “Every man I know has.”He pulled her top down and squeezed her nipples, making her swoon. She grabbed onto him for support. All the added skin contact just made things worse for her.“Can’t do this…” she huffed. “So wrong…”“But you want to, don’t you?” said Shaun as he continued to work on her tits. “You crave me, don’t you, Ms. Russo? Do you want me to fuck. Dunn walked in on me (I had forgotten to lock the door) she was only wearing a silky red and black kimono she stared at me and under her gaze my cock started to grow, I could see her stiff nipples poking through the silk robe and I was aware I was becoming erect in front of her. Mrs. Dunn just stared at me then asked in a husky voice if I wanted my back scrubbing, obviously I excepted and as Mrs. Dunn stepped up to the bath my cock started to throb. I let Mrs. Dunn gently wash my back and we.

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