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My mother had five sisters,the lost one is ,married and her husband in gulf,he is not getting good salary in gulf.Financily she is very poor.All other...sisters and mum is helping her. I was in bangalore and working and staying in a small home ,I was 28 and she is 38 and having one 4 year old girl day one of my mums sister and family came to see me in bangalore for tour . She asked me why dont you call the mums sister for your cooking she also lonly there,she also happy you can solve the. Between the molly, being completely exposed in this baseball field, being used, having just been beaten, and the gun inside me against my wishes, my body just went crazy. My arms were stretched up over my head, by back arched pushing my cunt deeper onto this gun, my legs spread out as far as possible, and I let out the loudest “fuck me” I ever heard from my own mouth. I just remember my whole body orgasming from his gun pounding into my pussy. For the rest of the night until the sun began to. He flopped down on the couch and watched the TV as I looked through what he had given me. They were girl’s clothes! A short plaid skirt, white panties, and a white blouse and bra. The bra was padded to make it look like I had tits and there was even white stockings and a garter belt!! He also had handed me a pair of black high heels and a blonde wig.“Uh, good one,” I said smiling nervously, “What happened to the sweats?” I asked.“Those will do, now put them on.” He said. “I assume you’d rather. Inner thighs.I thought about how this must look: a young boy getting his whole body rubbed by a practically-naked older woman. Then it struck me:"Naked!" I said way too loudly.I stood up and looked into Troy's eyes. "That's what it was, wasn't it? I was naked when you got your erection. Then, when I had my robe on, I had no effect!"Something about my deduction thrilled me. Not that my body could excite a male, but that it could excite THIS male. That somehow he had some basic response working.

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