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Isn’t it. Well isn’t it?I felt **** tongue in my mouth. I’d done this with boys at school, but it was never like this, and I pulled her tighter,...and then put my tongue in her mouth, wrapping my arms around her, her boobs squashed against mine. My hands travelled down her back, until I touched her bum, then cupped it, and pulled her even closer. I wondered, as we kissed why we were on the stage, and why the lights were so bright. But Kurt had told me he wanted me here, so this was where I was.. When she opened the door I could clearly see his face expressions. He was stunned to see my wife in that position and without closing his eyes he was watching her figure. Even she knows everything where he was looking at her, as if she don’t know just she acted like innocent girl. Then finally he came to sense and handed over the thing which he brought from shop. Then she invited him inside for having a cup of tea.Then he entered the room and enquired about me. Then she told him that I went to. I took my time savoring each moment kissing Maeve’s large lips, neck and face. We held each other closely exchanging kisses as we removed our clothing. I started with the removal of her sword and belt, her dress slid down to the floor revealing her large legs, hips and naked vulva. I reached back to unhook her armor as her beautiful firm breasts were exposed to the cool night air. Then I gently sucked her neck working my way down to her exposed large protruding nipples. Maeve began to stroke my. I smoked another cigarette and told them to finish their drinks cause it was time to go.Kim and I had role played a few different situations that would be hot, and one of them was that when we came out of the club, she would just get in the backseat with Casey and start fooling around on the way back to our house. Well I was hoping she would do this, as it would be a sign that things were a go, but she climbed in right next to me up front. This was a let down and I thought well maybe that was.

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