JNU College Ki Kuwari Ladki Ka Real Fuck Scandal hindi porn

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She had let his cock go and it stood up in the air as his hard on had not deflated fully. He was around 5 or 6 inches long. Jenny moved in and wrapped...her hand around the shaft again. She had put a little KY on her hand this time making it slippery. As she pushed down the first time she heard her dad sighed again.As she started to jerk him off again she bent down and took the swollen head into her warm wet mouth and started to suck her father’s dick as she jerked him off. She pushed down on his. I saw how the little nub of her clitoris stood out slightly beneath it's hood and I commented on the tiny little hole beneath it,"That's my urethra Lenny" she said with a smile,"Of course it is" I said completely mystified and she giggled,"Sit back and I'll show you"She seemed to force herself for a second, but then I guffawed as a little jet of urine squirted out onto my chest,"It's where you pee from!" I laughed, "Why didn't you just tell me that?" Well I thought that my way would be more. She took the sample bottle back off Lisa and placed it back in her cleavage. She then pulled the front of her shirt down over her bra and scooped her tits out of her bra, being careful to keep the bottle squeezed tight between them. She then did her best to support it all with one arm and take a selfie with her other hand. When she looked at the photo, she was pleased to see just how hard her nipples were. She sat there for a moment thinking about what to say.“No chickening out, Britt.”“I. . I looked at my door making sure it was locked, shit… I looked at my hard dick and it was oozing with pre-cum. I looked at the mouth again, I had never voluntarily allowed a man to suck me, but this hard on needed something wet and I stood up moved up to the hole and inserted the tip of my dick in the hot mouth, I was literally shaking cause this was my first time getting sucked and not knowing who it was. I felt my entire shaft in his mouth, his tongue worked wonders, I found myself trying.

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