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I went near the window and asked him to go away. He wanted me to get out of the house and have a session of fucking. After it has been some time since...we could do it. I told I had no chance of getting out which made him angry. After a few minutes of a hushed quarrel, he grabbed my boobs through the window and pinched my nipples really hard. It almost made me cry out in pain. And I slapped his hands away. But suddenly he made a bizarre demand. He said if you cant come outside, put your boobs out. I opened the door to find Sarah there “Hi just done the school run, thought I’d pop by.” she said in her usual bubbly carefree way.I let her in and as soon as the door was shut we embraced and her lips locked onto mine, so soft and yet strong at this moment, I felt my knees weaken, I was already wound up and to be kissed so passionately by the woman I love was almost too much.“Are you ok?” she asked concerned “it felt as if you were going to faint.” “Just tired not long up” I lied and the look. Cost a bob or two, but we thought that it was worth the money. Naturally, there are some grab rails fixed to the wall, purely for safety’s sake, of course. You can’t be too careful with wet floors.We expressed our mutual delight that I was safely back home.“Why don’t you soak in the bath for a bit while I start supper?”That too was a good idea; I was still a little bit car-shaped from a day behind the wheel, so I did that while I listened to the last bit of the six o’clock news on Radio Four.. " It's not something I brag about," said Sally. "I wasn't sure how you or Kathy would react. I mean, Bob would find it hot, but you two, I just wasn't sure you'd still like me." Why?" asked Jill. "We're still friends aren't we?" Well yes," said Sally. "But admitting you like those that are the same as you, well, not everyone can be so understanding."Jill looked at Sally and smiled. "I think it's wonderful. I've always wanted a lesbian friend, now I know I've always had one." You really don't.

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