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Then just as we both were about to come out of the blue, my phone vibrates!!!! Now I doubt she heard it over her own moaning, but still I decide to pl...y it safe and just leave while she was finishing her climax. I was pissed after that, I didn’t even get to bust. I was right there, a few feet away I could have gotten it all but didn’t. I was cursing and bitching while sitting on the sofa and all of a sudden I get a text. “Why did you leave, didn’t you like the show?” The hairs on the back of. He seemed to have a perpetual frown on his face, and didn't say much, but what I at first took for dislike turned out to be shyness. He had the body of a wrestler who had gone somewhat to seed, muscle turning to fat, but he carried it well, and his stamina was the stuff of legend. Limp, his cock almost disappeared into the thatch of his pubes, just the head showing, but when erect, as it was now, it jutted out half a handspan, thick and hard.The ladies were bantering easily. "You've got so much. .." she mewled, "please Chief no more, no more... I can't... I can't..." she begged. Then she felt him raise his heavy weight off her, his hands pressing her shoulders tightly to the davenport-cushions, his widespread knees forcing her thighs wider apart, until the blood-engorged head slipped further into her pressing hard against her cervix... and then, slowly, he began to rub in and out of her, picking up speed as he worked, at last buffeting her whole body back and forth like a rag-doll. I walked and left to go to my room. I stared at the ceiling lying down on my bed.I was starting to get a little bored after a while I heard the car start up and seen my sister and her friend drive off. I went to my cd player to listen to the my favourite cd. It was gone. I knew my sister took it. I went into her room to get it back and looked through her drawers. When I opened the third drawer down I saw a camera. I froze for a second and thought of what my sister’s friend had said about them.

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Free Tamil Nadu Video Tamilnadu Sex Videos Only Tamil Language porn

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