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I want to be your girl.'He started kissing me then, forcing his tongue deep inside my mouth. I cannot believe how easily I gave in to this man, but it...was what I wanted, what I needed. I had spent hours fantasising over big black guys fucking me like their woman, filling me with their seed. Using me. 'Come over here babydoll and suck my dick.' He led me by the hand back to the sofa. 'Show me how much you want Daddy.' And so I did. I spent a good fifteen minutes licking his balls, working my. Finally, the DJ takes a little break and you come back over without him. You come back and stand next to me, “God that was fun, I love to dance.” Then you rub my receding hairline and kiss my head and giggle, “Hope you didn’t mind dad” and laugh more. You add, “I’m parched from dancing, another drink sweetie.” I get up and go to the bar and get another drink and come back. We start chatting as I see you try and fan yourself off since you’re a little hot. After a while, the guy comes back up. As soon as I heard her new mercedes pull away I ran into her room and opened up the laundry basket. I spotted what I was looking for at the top of the pile, the black panties I had seen my aunt in last night.I put them up to my nose and inhaled deeply, letting the tangy smell of her pussy invade my nostrils. I was so wild with lust and desire by this point that i ran into the bathroom, opened up the tub of moisturiser and rapidly stroked my hard-on with my aunt Nat's silky panties. It took. Today was going to be hard for both of us. The doorbell rang bringing us back to the present. "Get dressed while I see who it is." I said to her breaking our embrace. "Yes Master," Keira replied. "I am not ready for you to call me Master, yet. Just call me Bill," I sternly told her. "Yes Mass, I mean Bill," Keira meekly replied flashing her blue eyes at me. I left the kitchen, from the corner of my eye I saw her get dressed. It was hard to hide the bulge in my shorts. I opened the door and.

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