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She looked at me, and as she opened her mouth to say something, I shocked her.I kissed her.She looked at me, opened her mouth, nodded to me, and I kis...ed her again.Moving my hands up against her, I leaned into her, and reached down. I grazed her small flat stomach with my fingers, and I pulled up her shirt. She backed up a bit, and I pulled it up over her head. I dropped it on the floor of the living room, and stood there staring at her bra.She had a small, round chest, no bigger than a 36 B. I. I heard about them through a friend of mine. A few days later, one of the girls contacted me and I agreed to moving in with them. It was akward at first because I have never met the girls, but I really needed a place to live for the school year. When I got to the apartment one of the girls opened the door for me and holy mother of shamens, she was sticking hot. Her name was Choua and she was stood up to my nose. She was in black tights and had on a pink V-neck. I could see her big boobs hiding. You giggle at this."Why are you laughing," I asked."I don't know. Just happy I guess," you respond.I then hint that now that the game is over, I am in the mode for some loving. There was no protest from you as you started to remove your clothes on the couch. I also took my clothes off as well. As we embraced each other and began our "dance," I looked outside and saw the rain pouring down. My imagination began to turn as I continued to share my kiss with you."Wait," I whispered.You looked at me. But even now, nearly two years on, I have a pretty good memory of what was said on those November evenings.Setting the scene a little, you won’t be surprised to hear that I’d been all over the place at school that Monday. I felt sorry for the kids, as Mrs. Green was not much use to them that day. There was precious little learning that day in my classroom. A couple of the teachers I’m closest to even asked if I was okay, and I brushed it off claiming to be just a little tired after a busy.

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