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Not the smartest of races but they could be cleaver at times. Their small stature made them weaker but none the less dangerous. Especially in large nu...bers which the tracks on the ground told me there was. I stopped noticing a rope with several bones from it. If i hadn't noticed it I would have tripped over it and made the bones rattle, notifying the goblins to my approach. I made my way up the hill to get a better view as I got closer I heard voices. I stopped as I saw a gnomish man tied to a. Steven’s expression melted on his face, shock over took him. ‘You would let my brother stay here? I was going to ask for maybe a couple of days off and a small raise to help pay for the hotel bill.’ Steven replied dumbfounded. ‘Why would you want to spend a raise on a place to stay when you have a perfectly good home here?’ Elise mocked wagging her finger softly in his face. ‘Well I just thought you wouldn’t want a stranger here…around your kids.’ ‘He’s not crazy right?’ Elise questioned. I clenched the bedsheets between my fingers as hard as I could and prepared myself.With a grunt, "Mmmpphh" he pushed his body forward. The tip of his penis pushed into my vagina. I felt my clit expand and I let out a muffled cry. He pushed again, "mmmpph".It was harder this time. I felt a shootingpain in my body as my hymen was broken. I bit down on my panties and screamed into them. My vagina throbbed from the pressure. He pushed one last time and I felt him slide into me deep. His dick was. Ben woke up several times during the night to add wood to the other boy's fire and just before morning, he zoomed a bowl of steaming hot stew to the cave and set it down beside David.The smell of something wonderful woke David from a deep sleep. He opened his eyes and saw a steaming bowl of food barely a foot away from him. Struggling to sit up, he snatched the bowl and quickly dug his fork out of the backpack.He ate so quickly that he was burning the inside of his mouth, but the food tasted so.

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