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. just wish I could see you doing it; that’s all. “ he mumbled.Later, I was in the hallway waiting for the elevator; when a Caribbean lady emerge ...rom Bradley’s apartment. She came and waited along side me. She was around my height of 5’6” but even slimmer. I smiled and greeted her, “Hello; are you Bradley’s mother?”“Why yes, I am?” Her voice was gentle and cultured; her eyes the same brown as Brads. I held out my hand to her, and hers came gently into mine, “I’m Amber Jones; your son knocked. But her stud du jour, Bart, was.Bart's eyes got wide and his cock got hard when he saw Nancy and me inour girlie gear.Bart was a nice guy who was ten years younger than Mom and 50 timesstudlier than I would have ever been as a man.It was startling to see him, but I amazed myself by not beingembarrassed. Laura was who I was and I didn't care who knew it.Bart knew me a little as Andrew so he figured out who Laura was prettyquickly. He had never met Nancy.Nancy set out to change that.She giggled. “If you don’t mind I’d like to get it myself.” Kshitiz says.Sonia chuckles a little spreads her legs and motions for Kshitiz to help himself. Kshitiz moves to his knees in the aisle and lowers his head in towards Sonia’s pussy. He blows gently on her pussy making her shiver, then he expertly licks and slurps her sweet nectar from her pussy.“In coming.” Kashish says.Kshitiz gets up and sits in the seat next to Sonia who pulls the blanket over herself.One of the other flight attendants, Sanjana. "What does it matter sincewhen?"He grinned. "It doesn't." He paused. "Since when?"I felt my ears burn red. "It's not important...did you like me beforethe party?" Yes, since that day at the mall. With the skeeball." Me too. For real." I put my hand on his. "So, what were you so afraidof?"He looked at me. "I guess all the Jallie stuff freaked me out. Like itwas one thing on set. It was another thing to suddenly have it all overthe Internet...." I know. My mum told me when she was here that she'd.

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