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Laughing we headed to the kitchen to talk about this with a nervous energy giving off sparks at each other. We had a few beers and ended up screwing o...r brains out before the night was over.I picked up our mail and carried into the house two days later. Sifting through the advertisements and other junk my eyes stopped. There was a letter with our neighbors return address on it. Not sure why they would write us instead of just chatting over the fence I tore the letter open. I unfolded the piece. .. UHH... Ohh yeah... This is so hot Kevin. Can I--- Kiss you?" I nodded my head letting him know it was okay with me in the heat of the moment.Sean leaned his head forward and soon I felt his lips touching mine as I parted my lips allowing him to kiss me like they do in the movies. We continued to pump away at our cocks while we kissed each other passionately, our eyes filled with lust, and we kept rubbing our cocks together as we shared moans. "MMM... MMM... Ohh... UHHH..." Then Sean broke. She rubbed him for a few minutes as he was already hard, soon she unbuckled and unzipped his pants and down they fell revealing a rock hard 7” cock, as she pulled down his undies it sprang into view, she ran her tongue up and down and cupped his balls as he groaned. Sam stood at the back of the cage watching but feeling turned on himself.Donna didn’t have to do much as Donald said “That’s enough” as he stood back and took his pants off he came behind Donna and slipped off her knickers, as he. He takes her breasts in his hands and manipulates her round pink nipples into hard lustful pleasures. She can feel blood rushing to her face as he kisses her lips gently, softly. She cannot contain her lust any further as she pulls him closer. Kissing and tasting. Feeling and touching each other. Warmth covers her body and suddenly her inside. Entangled in this raw, primeval emotion that does not take prisoners, only victims, she submits to him. They fall into ecstasy as he enters her. Wrapping.

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