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I pushed in a little further and slid half of finger in, and then almost all of it, I started to finger my sister softly, she was starting to get wet,... I was beginning to feel the moister , I got closer until I could smell her sex, my cock was finally starting to respond, I guess it was activating and not minding that it was my sister, I got closer and pushed my lips towards her pussy , my tongue left my mouth and found her moist pussy, I must’ve licked her twice when suddenly she pushed me. "Ah, I can see that this will take a few minutes. Would you like some tea?"George nodded absent-mindedly. "Err, yes, thank you. That would be very nice," he said. Erica reached across to a small hand bell that sat on the table. She gave shook out two short rings.George was shocked when the door to the room opened and Deanna, dressed as a housemaid but in stilt high heels and with a red ball gag strapped into her mouth, appeared."Tea," Erica said peremptorily. Deanna gave a gagged growl, glared. " Does that mean I can look for new pussy?" Fred said just to play with them."No!" they all said at the same time.Carla added, "You have all the pussy you need, Big Man." And some fine pussy it is," Fred chuckled, leaning over to kiss Carla again.Whatley, the Atlanta SAC of the FBI, parked his vehicle and sat staring at the apartment complex in front of him. This area wasn't a ghetto, but it was a far cry from where Courtney Grigsby (The ASAC's wife) used to live with her husband. I wonder what. I asked her if i can touch it she said ok and as we both were lying down i gently touched her left boob with my hand and an electric current went through my body.she said i dint feel much to that I said on clothes you wont feel anything for that you need to take your clothes off.At start she was hesitant but after few requests she agreed.She was wearing a light blue long gown.I started lifting it slowly upwards ans started kissing her legs to that she objected but i said you will enjoy it dont.

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