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I quickly pull my hand away from my crotch; embarrassed being caught snooping and touching myself. A deep voice whispers in my ear "Don’t turn aroun..., little girl." Of course I try to do just that but his large hands catch me by my shoulders, holding me in place. I breathe deep and let out a small whisper, "I'll be good." At that, his hands stroke down my arms. When he reaches the hand that is still wet with my arousal he chuckles low. "Does watching them turn you on, little one? Do you wish it. ‘Just watch her.’ She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and thrust her chest up. He groaned again, his ass starting to sweat, the muscles anxious to contract. I felt sorry for him, ‘Okay, you can titfuck. Slowly!’ He moaned and slid slowly between the tits. Anna began taking off her stockings. He stared at her and started pumping faster. I picked up her panties and slid them slowly into the crack of his clenching ass. He stopped humping and held them there, his cock throbbing with anticipation. ‘Are. She laid down on her bed and idly started to touch herself as she toyed with thoughts of Beth. What was it about that girl that excited her so much? Her hair? It did smell nice. She didn’t remember ever smelling it, but as she thought about the scent, she had a dim recollection of that shampoo from the store. Could her attraction to Beth be caused by the shampoo Beth used? Could she have an erotic attachment to a shampoo? At least that would mean that she wasn’t a lesbian, just that she had a. .. oh no.The minotaur in the petting zoo was an adorable toddler-calf, at leastthe last time she'd seen him -- not this creature out of nightmares. Andat his side, there was something even more terrible, a vast maw full offangs and slavering tongues with no body attached; it hovered alongkeeping pace with the minotaur and its prey. "This won't do," Norasaid, and teleported into the labyrinth, right between the nomads andtheir pursuers.The minotaur and the giant mouth stopped short as they.

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